Sunshine & Sushi 

Another beautiful lunch break on another beautiful day. 

Life is beautiful, lately. I’m capturing this feeling to have when life, as it always does, changes to rain. 


A Latte, a Book, and Myself 

There are nooks in coffee shops where one person sits at each table, not because they are anti-social, but because spending a morning in their own company with a book or crossword is  something wonderful. 

“Have You Ever Tried?”

“By myself? A missing piece cannot roll by itself.”

“Have you ever tried?” asked the Big O.


This perfect Shel Silverstein book (“The Missing Piece Meets the Big O”) was given to me today by my parents for my birthday. As I flipped through the last several pages, I watched as the missing piece, uncertain as it was, pushed itself to roll on its own. Its pointed edges smoothed and soon enough it was rolling right alongside the Big O.

You aren’t a missing piece at all– you can complete yourself and roll with the Big O.