Solo but Not Alone

Solo road trip lesson: I may be traveling by myself, without a travel buddy, but I am not alone. I’m connecting with others: fellow travelers, hosts, strangers. Traveling solo is far from lonely. 

Final thought of the day: Maine is beautiful. 


Goodbyes and New Beginnings 

I love beginnings with their boundless opportunity, but endings, saying goodbye, are hard. And with beginnings and ends, one cannot exist without the other.

After three and a half years, my office is cleared and I’m saying goodbye. It was difficult leaving the relationships I’ve built, but I’m excited for my new job and the growth and independence it will bring.

There are no happy endings.

Endings are the saddest part,

So just give me a happy middle

And a very happy start.

-Shel Silverstein

Roll Down the Windows & Be Free 

I forget to roll down the windows, comfortable in the enclosed car. But there is freedom in remembering you can release yourself. Roll down the window and let your palm push the air, expanding beyond the confines. 

And connect with the passing drivers you see with their hands pressed against the wind, releasing themselves. 

Ode to Shades

These shades travelled with me through Italy and to Paris, shading my eyes from the bright Italian sun. Through them, my eyes saw the coliseum, the most beautiful church in Florence, and the sparkling canals of Venice. They have been faithful glasses, but alas have broken. Ciao bellas, you have served me well.

A Great Date

I crashed in bed again, this time after a great date. I’m falling asleep with a smile tonight.

 Disclaimer: Picture posed to convey the message that I’m falling asleep happy. A real photo could not be achieved as I have not yet achieved the skill of sleep induced photography.  I assure you, sleep will be quickly imminent.